2012 International Koshiki Tournament

Karate Stances - Dachi

Shinzen Hontai Dachi
Musubi Dachi

Shizen Hontai dachi

Musubi dachi







Zenkutsu Dachi 
Neko Ashi Dachi
Neko Ashi Dachi 2
  Zenkutsu dachi

Neko Ashi dachi

Neko Ashi dachi 2

Ushiro Neko Ashi Dachi 
Ushiro Neko Ashi Dachi 2 Sotobiraki Jigo Hontai Dachi
  Ushiro Neko Ashi dachi

Ushiro Neko Ashi dachi 2

Sotobiraki Jigo Hontai dachi







Sotobiraki Jigo Hontai Dachi 2

 Sagi Ashi Dachi
Sagi Ashi Dachi 2
  Sotobiraki Jigo Hontai dachi 2

Sagi Ashi dachi

Sagi Ashi dachi 2

  Kata Hiza Dachi Kata Hiza Dachi 2 Sokumen Dachi
  Kata Hiza dachi

Kata Hiza dachi 2

Sokumen dachi






Sokumen Dachi 2 Sanchin Dachi Sanchin Dachi 2
Sokumen dachi 2

Sanchin Dachi

Sanchin Dachi 2

Kosa Dachi Kosa Dachi 2 Kokutsu Dachi
Kosa dachi

Kosa dachi 2

Kokotsu dachi

Naihanchin Dachi
Hasso Kamae Yoko Dachi
  Naihanchin dachi Hasso Kamae Yoko dachi
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