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from the September 1999 issue, page 155
  Two Ways To Get In Shape, And Have Fun!

     by Master Michel Laurin

  Cardio Karate is the newest rising star in the field of aerobic exercise.  Developed for both young and old, Cardio Karate is a great alternative to walking, running, weight lifting, or other conventional exercising programs.  While you learn many of the basic moves of Karate and Kick Boxing, you will find time just fly by - Cardio Karate and Fitness Kick Boxing is anything but boring!  No more walking for hours, no more weight lifting and no more boring repetition ... don't get me wrong -- any type of exercise is good, but most conventional exercises are comprised of repetition, and because of that, it is easy to become bored and lose interest in exercising all together.  And without the proper motivation and support it can become easy to get discouraged. Cardio Karate is a combination of martial arts and aerobic exercise that will teach you how to warm up properly, how to punch and kick, how to improve flexibility and how to develop lean muscles.  It is a complete body workout! All classes are done with music and under the supervision of one or more certified instructor(s) and martial    expert(s).  

Fitness Kick Boxing follows the same rules except that most of your workout is done against special kick boxing bags.  Your average Cardio Karate workout class will last 60 minutes; the Kick Boxing class is a little shorter at approximately 45 minutes.  Both do not require the traditional martial artist uniform; there is no belt system, and there is no competition.

Why has Cardio Karate become so popular?  Since Cardio Karate was introduced 4 years ago, it has become one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise today, with martial art schools around the country offering similar classes.  Billy Blanks, a well known TV celebrity, has helped to fuel the interest in Cardio Karate through his televised classes on Tae Bo.

Again, why has Cardio Karate become so popular? First, anyone can do it, whether you are 18 or 80.  Second, an instructor will walk you through the routines at your own speed, and once you have become familiar with the techniques, you can then progressively increase the intensity of your workout as you wish, always under careful supervision.  And third, you burn more calories (more than 800 calories per session!) doing Cardio Karate than any other sports workout -- while learning something new and having an absolutely great time in the process.

Trim down, lose those calories, learn a little self defense, and have fun doing it, through Cardio Karate and Kick Boxing! For more information please visit us at Santa Clarita Karate, 27737 Bouquet Canyon Road, Santa Clarita 661-296-0911. Our staff will be happy to introduce you to this exciting, new aerobic program. Thank you and enjoy your workout.

from the October 1999 issue, page 161

Santa Clarita Karate Celebrates Four Years of Dedication
by Monica de Gyarfas

     October marks the fourth anniversary of Santa Clarita Karate studio, owned and operated by six time world champion and 8th degree black belt - Master Michel Laurin. Michel opened the school in Saugus with his wife Lorna after a visit to the area won him over. "Santa Clarita reminds me of my hometown," he says. Originally from the French region of Canada, he moved to California as a result of  involvement in the movie business, specifically training with Church Norris. He has traveled the world competing and retains six world titles. Lorna recently returned from a world championship competition in Las Vegas were she won a first place title. Instructor Tom Ramsey has won international titles as well, rounding out the staff which includes three-full time black belts.

     Although they are champions and have students and instructors that compete at every level, Santa Clarita Karate caters to every level of student, from three and four year olds to families learning together. Their innovative programming has made the studio a local favorite with more that 250 students. They offer Kinder Karate for three and four year olds, children's classes, classes for women only including kick boxing, aerobic and self defense, and family classes.

     The family classes are among the most popular. Parents take the class together with their children. This helps both parent and child get in shape, learn self defense and the principles of martial arts side by side. "More and more adults are becoming involved in the martial arts," Michel explains. "Training in the martial arts is excellent for memory, focus, stress relief and the physical benefits are numerous. Stretching keeps you younger and healthier."

     Another unique program that the studio offers is the opportunity to take unlimited classes for a set monthly fee. With more that 40 classes offered each week, this is not only a great value but an excellent opportunity for the more serious student. The family atmosphere at the studio has grown over the years to include family pot lucks, parties, and even sleep overs. WIth over 4,000 square feet of open studio space, Santa Clarita Karate is one the of the largest studios in Santa Clarita. Olympic mats, designed specifically for martial arts, cover the floors providing the highest quality covering available.

The principles of the martial arts are adhered to and taught, with an emphasis on respect.  The integration of the martial arts to the student's life is so important that for school aged children prior to advancing to  the next belt, the parents and teachers must sign a form indicating that the student has been receiving satisfactory grades and shown respect. "The main objective of Santa Clarita Karate is to develop well rounded students, not only at our facility, but in society," Michel explains. The student creed of the school states that students will develop themselves in a positive manned and avoid anything counterproductive, develop self discipline to bring out the best in themselves and in others and that they will use what they learn in class constructively, never to be abusive or offensive. "We are like a big family here," Michel says. "Developing a positive way of life is what Santa Clarita Karate is all about."

Santa Clarita Karate is located at 27737 Bouquet Canyon Road, suite 125 in the Sutter Point near Telly's. Call 661-296-0911 fore more information.

from the November 1999 issue, page 93

How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child
by Master Michel Laurin

Parents often read or hear how the practice of a martial art will benefit their child, but no one explains why it is so beneficial. In this editorial, I will try to make it easier for parents to understand how this practice helps their child through life. Let me describe a typical class at the Santa Clarita Karate School.

First, the class begins with a line up. The children have to keep a straight line and no talking is allowed. The more advanced students are lined up to the right of the teacher, and new students are placed at the end or left of the teacher.  This helps the child to get organized, disciplined, silent, and respectful.  The class follows with a short meditation to relax and be prepared for the class. This is done when the students kneel down, close their eyes, keep their backs straight and focus on breathing techniques. 

Next is the warm up. Students develop cardio coordination, endurance, strength, flexibility and to never give up without trying their best. After the warm up, the new students team up with one of the instructors, where they will learn basic techniques such as: punches, kicks, blocks, take-downs and more. The students must listen carefully to the instructor, and that develops their attention level. AFter the basic, the students will learn a Kata. A Kata is a combination of several techniques executed together. This develops focus and memory.

The students will also learn a Kumite, which is similar to a Kata, but executed with a partner. Kumite is and excellent form of exercise and will help develop control, speed, and distance. Before two students can start to work together, they must bow to each other. Bowing has several meanings: may we help each other, this will develop respect and team work. The same things applies when the students reach sparring levels. They have to have control, help each other, and never try to hurt a partner. Our more advanced students must memorize the student creed.

  1. I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that could reduce my mental growth and physical health.
  2. I will develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best of myself and others.
  3. I will use what I learned in class constructively and defensively to help myself and others and never be abusive or offensive.
In addition, each time a student wants to test for a higher belt, he or she must get an application form signed by their parents and their teacher stating that the student has behaved.

Other facets at the school are the activities program. The school organizes parties for Christmas and Halloween. Also seminars and sleepovers. The students spend 48 hours with the instructors and train and work together on ore advanced techniques. The school also organizes tournaments for students of our organization. All the students win and go home with trophies, which is great for  their self esteem.

Martial arts training offers much more, and this is only a quick overview and I hope it will help you as a parent to understand some of the benefits martial arts has to offer to your child.

Santa Clarita Karate is located at 27737 Bouquet Canyon Road, suite 125 in the Sutter Point near Telly's. Call 661-296-0911 fore more information.


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